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candle quartz
Giant White Candle (Celestial) Quartz

This page replaces our "Crystal of the Month" feature, telling you a little about specific types of crystal that we are particularly excited about or that has come into prominence now, giving you some background and esoteric information about the crystal, mineral or formation and its uses. You may find various links within each piece: these will take you pages on our other websites that can supply you with further information or understanding about the highlighted item. You can also use the links below each picture to buy any of these crystals through our on-line shop, or you can contact us to arrange to visit us here in Llechryd, Ceredigion in south west Wales.

Our "Crystal of the Month" page still exists, but now contains archived material covering July 2010 to September 2011 inclusive. You may either follow this link to that page, or link directly to each crystal and their write-up in the archives from the list below:

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Silicon rarely occurs as a pure element within the Earth's crust - although it is a common element within freely-ocurring minerals such as quartz (SiO2) and sand: in fact over 90% of the Earth's crust is made up of such silicate minerals, making silicon the second most abundant element in the Earth's crust after oxygen. However, raw silicates are often processed for use in the electronics and solar power industries; and when processed, refined and purified (usually from metallurgical grade silicon) the end result is an amazing silvery reflective metalloid that (unusually) is less dense in solid state than when liquid.

We have worked with chunks of this Silicon (like those pictured) for some time, and feel that from an esoteric point of view this form of silicon has a frequency similar to quartz, but of a Higher, purer and finer vibration. Although not often used in our general healing work, we have found that this material is especially useful for rebalancing and reprogramming the energy matrices of those individuals whose energies are not fully in tune with those of the Earth - often (but not always) those for whom Earthly existence is new - and sometimes painful! Additionally, those more Earthly individuals who have refined their energies - perhaps as they work towards their personal Ascension - often find Silicon a useful tool to work with - its mirror-like qualities helping to identify areas where more focus or effort is required in refining and purifying their Inner Light; and offering a light and pure energy that can encourage and support such endeavours. When used in meditation the energies of Silicon can feel somewhat 'loose' - hence making sure you are well-grounded, centred and focused before proceeding is imperative: however, once this is ensured, you can journey deeply within - and (paradoxically) a long distance out of body and far into the Cosmos - thus potentially gaining the perspective and clarity that may help you understand more about the Higher workings of the Universe, and your own place within it.



Columbia has long been a source of emerald and precious gems, and in the extraction process other minerals were often removed without thought and dumped as 'spoil'. Having cottoned-on to the value and rarity of some of this by-product, much more care is now being taken in the removal of all crystals and minerals in the mines - many of which are opening specifically to extract quartz, recognising it to be a product with worth. Hence there are several small mines operated by locals, which are hand-mining crystals: this means that it is possible to find some very good quality material - although it IS expensive! I wanted to include a write-up here (being very fond of all types of quartz) as I have been amazed by the quality of the purity and Light channelled through these crystals. Most are small, but many have the classic 'stepped' sides that show them to be what have been named 'Lemurian' crystals in the past. Their exceptional clarity is down to their unique habitat, where they have grown under intense heat and pressure within the Andes of South America. We have long understood these mountains to ground the Divine Feminine Ray to the planet - the Himalayas grounding the Divine Masculine on the opposite side of the planet. Indeed, these crystals so have a feminine energy, yet are very pure with a fine and High resonance, which almost sings to you. When you hold one for the first time you are immediately connected to a source that is profound and intense, albeit with softer overtones that are peaceful and full of white Light. Some of these crystals would make good working tools, perhaps for working in the subtle body to remove hooks, cords and energetic anomalies; others will make very good personal meditation pieces, with the potential to link the user to the new Light and energy that is waiting to enter the planet - which is essentially feminine (and yet also somehow androgynous) in nature. I believe this is an indicator that we need to move away from our old hang-ups that keep us small-mindedly classifying people according to gender, race, colour or religion, and move into a new way of viewing and accepting ALL humanity as being embodied souls with the same heart - who have the potential to make this world 'heaven on earth' for everyone. Hold one to your heart - and let its Light in!!

Columbian Quartz image 1 Columbian Quartz image 2
Columbian Quartz (Lemurian)


In 2013 a new find of Candle Quartz came to light in Madagascar. These were unusual in two ways: firstly, they were clear quartz - not milky; secondly each one held a second crystal within it - these being a perfect copy of the one that enfolded it. These inner crystals were NOT phantoms, but the very rare formation known as "Manifestation" Crystals. On closer inspection, it was also found that each of the smaller crystals that created the "candling" around the crystal's base also held a perfect copy - making many of these marvellous finds a multiple manifestor! Each crystal accordingly holds the attributes of a Manifestation, Celestial, Record Keeper and Lightbury crystal. We have worked with these crystals for some time, and have been told that these are “Inner Light" crystals, having the potential to strengthen the Divine Light that lies at the heart of ALL embodied souls, and catalysing the acceptance and embodiment of their True spiritual nature. We have found that these very powerful crystal formations radiate their Light and energy throughout a very wide area, making them extremely useful for Earth working and/or Distance healing projects - especially if this has a Global or deeper spiritual intent. It is important that anyone who works with these crystals for this purpose has respect for their Power, and is able to keep a clear focus on what they wish to achieve - with full understanding of the consequences and potential outcome(s) of their actions. On a personal (rather than planetary) level, these crystals can clarify and strengthen one's faith, trust and sense of positivity and purpose – and we believe that anyone who uses these crystals with an open heart and with clear and positive intent will find them of great benefit for their own self-growth, self-understanding and self-healing. We know that each crystal, regardless of its size or form, has the power to shine the pure Light of Truth into the heart of whoever / whatever is being focused upon, enabling the true nature of the issue being addressed to be seen with greater clarity - , and enabling the work thence undertaken to bring about peace, healing and/or appropriate resolution to be both truly effective and spiritually profound.

Inner Light Quartz manefestor Quartz well defined Inner Light Quartz manefestor Quartz well defined and less well defined Inner Light Quartz manefestor Quartz less well defined
Inner Light Quartz


A new find of optical calcite in Madagascar in 2011 brought out some amazingly fine material that has resulted in some really magnificent pieces that have been highly polished to reveal a truly fabulous clarity. Some of this material is totally clear, whilst other pieces have a delicate colouring in shades of pink and/or lemon-yellow. I feel that these carry a very high and fine energy, and the beautiful veiling and internal detailing bring very special attributes to these crystals. For me, the pale pink ones carry the pure energies of the Lady Master Quan Yin, whilst the pale yellow ones carry those of her twin flame Lao Tsu. The colourless ones and those that hold both colours seem to hold the energies of both Masters in perfect balance. Thus I have chosen to call these particular pieces "Bodhisattva Calcite". As I hold one, it emits a soft yet powerful Light, which seems to "sing" a note within my mind. I feel my energy fields soften and expand, and feel myself centre, still and calm, enabling me to go within and become more closely connected to my own Highest nature. With one of these close to me I feel more certain of my path, and more hopeful of what the future brings. I also have a sense of strengthening determination along with an optimism about who I AM, where I am going and (perhaps more importantly!) why. If you resonate with either of these Masters, or feel that you too are "Bodhisattva", then maybe you would like one of these calcites too.

Bodhisattva Calcite
Bodhisattva Calcite


Robert Simmons has been writing in his Pocket Book of Stones about a mineral called Agnitite, which basically is iron-included quartz: we have stocked this for a long time under the name Haematoid Quartz. Our material also comes from Madagascar, and in 2011 a new find of Hematite included quartz was discovered where the iron has formed as crystals rather than mineral deposits, which we were able to purchase in the form of small polished crystals. These contain hematite (iron) inclusions in the form of complete crystals and/or plates, which makes them especially powerful. My Guides say they are "Spirit Grounded", and as I work with them I have a sense of being "stretched" up and down, making my connections to the Higher Realms, my Higher Selves and the energies of the Cosmos deeper and more profound - whilst strongly grounding me so that what I feel, sense or know becomes more tangible. If you look at the tiny hematite crystals closely using a magnifying glass you will see their intricate formation and their deep platinum-grey reflective colouring. For me hematite has always brought the Higher metal Rays through: the platinum Cosmic Ray energies are enhanced through this mineral, but we have also been shown that hematite carries and grounds the Silver Ray for us too. This Ray is all about movement and empowerment - and indeed sometimes chaos, which is paradoxical in view of hematite's reputation as a grounding mineral! So if you want to (and are willing to!) experience genuine change then these crystals will be very useful. As an aside, hematite is one of the crystals we associate with Archaeon Metatron, and if any of the Angelics has a knack of instigating and catalysing change, he is the one!

Included Quartz Hematite
Included Quartz - Hematite
Hematoid Quartz
Haematoid Quartz

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