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Amethyst Piece

This page tells you a little about "Inner Light Crystals" latest purchases of crystals and minerals. Why not visit our on-line shop to find out more - or give us a call to arrange to see them with us here in Llechryd, Ceredigion in south west Wales!

MAY 2019:

At last we have managed to get away from the DIY to visit a couple of suppliers and restock some of the items that we sell - as well as hunt out a few new goodies! These will all be appearing in the shop over the next few weeks, as and when we get them written-up and photographed.

NB: You may notice that some of the items we stock have gone up in price: on this visit we found a very significant increase in the cost of some items, and a slightly more modest rise in the cost of others. In part this is due to it being 2 years since we last bought stock; but some items are also becoming much more hard to source, and this is being reflected in their cost to us. We hear that some crystals and minerals are now completely mined out (Blue Lace Agate for example); some mines are no longer allowing the miners to extract and sell any crystals that grow amongst the mineral ores they are excavating - often simply blowing the whole lot up (Sugilite in the manganese mines for example); and some mines are extracting and using all of the product for their mineral content (Malacite for the copper it contains for example). Wherever possible we calculate our prices according to the items weight and size: hence you may also find that some tumbled stones have now had more sizes options added, as it seems unfair that you should have to pay the same for a smaller stone as you would for a larger one - and many crystals and stones are now wholesaled to us 'by the gram'!

New finds this trip include some amazing new palmstones that have six-sided crystals of Spessartine (orange) garnet within a fawn-coloured limestone groundmass; some rare and amazing White Danburite cathedral crystals with pyrite inclusions; some top grade Flame Aura treated Danburite crystals; some lovely Rose Aura treated quartz crystal points; some beautiful Tiffany Stone (both polished pieces and slices); some deep blue Azurite with Shattuckite tumbled stones; and some Lepidolite with Rubellite (pink tourmaline) tumbled stones. Some new minerals have also arrived from Namibia, including some silvery-grey tumbled stones called Lunar Quartz (which is a naturally irradiated rose quartz); some very pretty pink and green heart-centred tumbled stones of Montebrasite (epidot with wollostanite); and some tumbled pieces of clinozoisite that has a VERY high lithium content from Nzuri Moyo, which are a lovely mix of blue and white.

These include Amethyst polished points; Ametrine polished points; Herkimer Diamonds; Blue Calcite palmstones; Amphibole Qzt crystals; Aqua Aura Danburite; Yellow Danburite; Natural Citrine tumbled stones; Cobalt Aura crystals; Rose Aura and Tanzine Aura tumbled stones; Aqua Aura crystals; Orange Kyanite blades; Lithium Qzt (tumbled and crystals); Astrophyllite; Amethyst flowers; Anandalite clusters; Boji Stones; Eclipse Jasper; Creedite clusters; Blue John Fluorite polished pieces; Iolite; Indigo Gabbro (Mystic Merlinite) palmstones and tumbled; Kammerite; Kundalini qzt; Moldavite (museum grade); AA Rainbow Obsidian; Ocean Jasper pebbles; Mangano Calcite shapes; Seriphos Green Qzt; Thunder Eggs; Angel Aura tumbled stones; Chiastolite; Covellite; Green garnet; Galaxyite; Larimar polished pieces; Ouro Verde qzt; Lepidolite (tumbled and palmstones); Merlinite; Morganite; AAA Rose Opal; Purpurite; Stichtite; Strawberry qzt; Sugilite; Sulphur qzt; Violet Opal; Ruby in Zoisite.


This year we have not visited our suppliers, as it has been a year of change for us - most of it taken up with selling our old house, and moving to our new home. During the packing process and dismantling of our healing and teaching room we have however freed-up a lot of our own collection of crystals, with a view to adding items to the shop that we no longer require in our day-to-day work. At one time we would teach up to 12 students at a time, and so kept a large number of the same crystal types for that purpose. These days we prefer to teach smaller classes, and so are able to free up stock - and make some room into the bargain! Obviously this is an on-going project, and you will see new items appearing in the shop throughout 2019 as well. But so far some of the more unusual items that have gone into the shop include:
Arkansas qzt crystals, Blue qzt crystals, Brandburg qzt crystals, Fire qzt crystals, Nebula Stone polished pieces; Rose Qzt crystals, Ruby Aura qzt crystals, Rutilated qzt natural crystals, Sacred Scribe crystals, Shift qzt (GI) crystals, Spirit Qtz crystals and Tibetan Black Spot qzt crystals.

JULY 2017:

We have just come back from visiting another supplier to top up our stocks of tumbled and polished stones, and also came home with some lovely new / interesting items, which should all be in our shop by mid-July. These include:
Blue Obsidian - natural nuggets; Emerald, Green, Blue and Indigo Kyanite - blades (polished and natural) and clusters; Ananda Quartz (Anandalite) - clusters; A grade Herkimer Diamonds; Seriphos Green Quartz - crystals; Aegirine - blades; Euclase - crystal; Azurite - crystal; Amber - pieces; Blue John Fluorite - crystal clusters, and polished pieces; Scolecite - fans; Zeolite clusters - including Stilbite, Heulandite and Apophyllite; Watermelon Tourmaline crystal pieces; Indicolite (Blue) Quartz - roughs; Silicon - raw chunks; Scottish Greenstone - polished slices; Seraphinite - polished slices; Included Quartz (Hedenbergite) - crystals; Malachite - polished shape, Lapis Lazuli - polished freeform; Thunder Egg (Amulet Stone) - polished nodules; Phenacite - crystals; Zircon - crystals; Moldavite - AAA grade specimens; and AAA grade Amethyst - large / medium standing clusters.

We also bought a few new lines of tumbled stones, including:
Rose Aura Quartz (a new and very pretty treated quartz); Sodalite with Hematite (an unusual mix of blue and ornage); Crysanthemum Stone (we have only had this as palmstones before); AA grade Banded Fluorite (fabulous colours and clarity); AAA grade Blue lace Agate (a lovely deep blue with a great polish); Vivianite (we have only found this as larger polished slices before) and Banded (pink) Mangano Calcite (a new find).

MARCH 2017:

We have just visited one of our suppliers and topped up our Madagascan minerals - and also came away with a few new items. Our shop now has all these online, including:
Pink and White Girasol - palmstones and pebbles; Banded Agate (Shantilite) - pebbles and cabochons; Rose Quartz - shapes and spheres; Labradorite - shapes and freeforms; Indigo Gabbro (Mystic Merlinite) - pebbles; Quartz: Clear, Fire, Smoky, Phantom, Rutilated, Tourmalinated, Skeletal, Enhydro and Included - polished shapes, pebbles and points; Carnelian - pebbles; Natural Citrine polished points; Copal - wands (some with insects); and Amethyst - polished shapes.